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Welcome to Conduct Coaching’s eLearning Store in collaboration with Bob’s Business! We aim to change workforce behaviour through memorable messages in engaging & entertaining ways.

  3 Courses in 1 bundle for the amazing price of £25, help your workforce understand the reality, danger and damage of bullying within the workplace with our Bullying Awareness bundle. Created in partnership with Conduct Coaching, our bundle features three bite-sized modules covering:     Key Facts & Definitions Behaviour of Bullying Impacts and Approaches    This bundle is designed to raise awareness about the many forms of workplace bullying and cyberbullying, and the different approaches we can use to prevent them at work. Read More

The data on your computer is not just valuable, it’s too valuable to lose. Whether it’s the documents on your computer at work or your family photos on a computer at home, it is essential to have several copies to ensure all is not lost forever. Data loss can occur from technical failure, a natural disaster, or a cyber attack, so learn all about the importance of backing up data in this course. Read More

Organisations are always at risk of disclosing confidential information to the wrong people as the biggest cause of data breaches is human error. Email etiquette isn’t just about who you’re sending to, but how you send. Therefore, you should always remain cautious when composing and sending your emails. Find out how you can improve your etiquette within your emails. Read More

Have you ever dropped a bank receipt, sent a letter to the wrong address or shared too much information on social media? Leaving personal information lying around can be an easy mistake to make. However, did you know that if specific information gets into the wrong hands, criminals could quite easily pass themselves off as you? Criminals only need a few pieces of personal information to strike, so learn ways to counteract them in this course. Read More

Poorly kept information can quickly become lost or stolen when it is left unattended. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain a clear desk. Maintaining a clear desk involves correctly storing all information - physical and digital. Information created, used, stored or transmitted by your organisation is valuable, both internally and externally, which is why ensuring that you maintain a clear desk is vital to keeping your organisation’s information secure. Read More

Malware attacks are similar to real-world illnesses. You need to have your jabs and be protected to combat infection just like how you need up-to-date antivirus software to stop malware such as viruses, trojans and ransomware. Stay protected and ready to fight malware attacks when they strike you unexpectedly. Read More

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